Your satisfaction is our highest priority
Pre-Production: Helping you with all your production needs before making a film or video of any kind use our open space where you can fit up to 20 people to plan your film, and reach your goals before starting production.

Production: Helping you reach your productions needs providing the space, extra set of lights, DLSR camera and lenses, provided in house.

Photography: Providing you with all your photo needs from passport photo, to photo shoots to providing the necessary space to take your profiles and photos. We also have a photo printer and Xerox machine and lights and necessary background.

Video: Create your own portfolio by using our space. Use our studio for all of your video needs from YouTube videos to short films.

Auditions:  Our convenient environment is a great place for casting call. You can rent our place and call for any type of auditions.

Meet ups: Use our convenient location for all your meetings and gatherings, with access close to the subway in 74st Jackson Heights location.

Screening: We have projectors and TV screens to show all your videos and movies, so you can hold your screening without disturbance.

Rehearsal: Hold all your trainings and rehearsals for any kind of classes at our location providing table, chairs and couches for your needs.

Dance class: Our 300 open square feet floor can be a place where next world-class dancer start his or her career. You don’t need to bring anything. We have Powerful surround-sound five-speaker stereo system and computer assistance. So you can play any music from your IPhone. I-pad or YouTube videos.

Yoga class: Hold your yoga classes in a convenient location close to the subway providing central air conditioning and heaters and space to practice in silence and without disturbance.

Table reading: We provide you with the necessary space to hold your table readings or book club meetings with convenient chairs, couches and projectors suited to your requirements.

Car Service: We would also provide car service for your production and transportation needs, prices according to distance and gas used.

Studio Features

  •   24/7 accesses to the studio, Flexible Scheduling. Convenient location for the shoot.
  • Canon 70 D Camera, lenses (  Rokinon 35 Cine lenses, 50 MM, 300MM).
  • Tripods.
  • Studio light 300w, 300w, 600 LED, Europium Light Bulb .
  • 300 square feet, Ceiling Height is 20 feet.
  • The stage area is 16 feet wide, and 18 feet deep with an additional 18 feet of shooting room to the back wall.
  • Large windows provide with external daylight.
  • There is a large center room skylight with a sliding blackout curtain.
  • Wardrobe Rack, Green Screen Backdrop.
  • C Stand with arm.
  • Light Stands, 5/20 Foot Ladders.
  • Hair and Makeup Area.
  •  High ceiling and Open space.
  •  Iron and a Steamer.
  • Clothes rack and closets.
  • Couch, Tools, Tables, and chairs.
  • Projector, with screen and 60 inch TV access.
  • The Internet including Wi-Fi access.
  • Central heating and air conditioning.
  • Copier/Xerox/Fax Machine.
  • Restroom included.
  • Ample street and metered parking.
  • Powerful surround-sound five-speaker stereo system.
  • Clean bathrooms for men and women.
  • Refrigerator, unlimited bottled fresh water, and soda.


Equipment for Rent

Lumix GH4 4K Camera
Canon DSLR Cameras 2x
Canon 70 D Camera, lenses (  Rokinon 35 Cine lenses, 50 MM, 300MM. Wide 35-100mm, Macro and Telephoto lens).
Audio Equipment: Shotgun condenser, Shotgun Mount, Deluxe Windshield, 2 Xlr cables, Boom pole, Microphone, Grip
Zoom Audio H6
Studio light 300w, 300w, 600 LED, Europium Light Bulb. Tungsten Lights
Lights Tripod
Manfrotto Tripod
Monitor Lilliput
Sandisk Memory cards
Parallax HDMI Cable
Rigpad Stabilizer
Camera Bag